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Publiserad den 15 september 2020

Woody chooses Additude as new digital partner

The Swedish building supplier Woody Bygghandel and the ICT Group company Additude initiates a major co-operation around E-commerce and the digital area, when Woody now wants to take the next step in their digitalization process. Where Woody use modern technique to offer new services, better availibility and give better service to both customers and their local part-owners.

See the movie: https://youtu.be/ognjd00dPAk

The agreement involves both recruitment of key personnel to strengthen Woody’s competence in the digital area and also new development, management and support of Plattan – Woody’s solution for E-commerce and Digital Business. The agreement also includes migrating Plattan to the Microsoft Azure platform.

­– Additude is a complete supplier in absolute cutting edge that can offer all the skills and services that Woody needs in the area of E-Commerce and ​​digital business, comments Peter Sjödahl, CEO of Woody Bygghandel.
– With Additude as new partner, we will move our positions forward in E-Commerce and the digital business, both centrally, for local part-owners and customers.

The CEO of Additude Sam Aston sees it as both a privilege and a confirmation of the competence of his company to be a part of Woody's journey and digitization process.

– Woody Bygghandel, with its long and successful history in its field, is in the middle of an exciting journey where they both want to renew the business and further apply modern IT technology for both partners and B2B customers. We are proud to have the privilege of helping Woody with this.


Additude, with head office in Malmö, Sweden, is a modern IT consulting firm with leading consultants in innovation, tech and headhunting. The combination of breadth, range of services and the deep specialization of each unit makes Additude a strong partner that can deliver both support in innovation, strategic advice and complete technology solutions in construction, design, electronics, embedded systems and software. Additude is part of the Dutch ICT Group with over 1.400 employees in northern Europe.

Woody Bygghandel is one of the leading building suppliers in Sweden founded already in 1944. The chain is owned by 50 local part-owners with over 100 stores all over Sweden and on Åland that work together in areas such as purchasing, marketing, IT, environment & sustainability as well as education.

For further information please contact:
Sam Aston, CEO, Additude 0733-77 61 60   
Jim Roslund, Sales and Marketing Manager, Additude, 0701-49 93 10
Peter Sjödahl, CEO, Woody Bygghandel 0720-77 36 53