On 11 October, Additude organises the Additude Tech Eve! This evening will be all about the latest developments in tech. Four great speakers will bring you the latest insights. 


17:00 Introduction
17:10 Matias Pakarinen - From growth to impact
17:40 Bengt Holm - How to navigate the new data landscape.
18:10 Food and Mingle
19:00 Lars Larsson - Will AI take my job?
19:40 Martin Gunnarsson - The golden age of tinkering. It's a fantastic time to be alive.
20:00 Wrap up


Guest speakers


From growth to impact

Matias will talk about ”omställningen”, the shift from growth to impact! Also sharing key insight from innovation leader in the landscape of knowledge vs. skills.

About Matias Pakarinen:
Matias Pakarinen Head of Innovation, IDEON Sciencepark, serial entrepreneur and leading the agenda of Innovation Pionners +30 large corporations in sweden neutering collaborations and innovations.

Bengt Holm

How to navigate the new data landscape

The last few years there has been a lot of talk about AI and the utilization of data. It has become very evident recently with the arrival of ChatGPT. However, the road for businesses to put AI into use has not been straightforward and digitalization continues to be a challenge. Bengt will discuss both pitfalls and success stories that he has experienced in data driven projects

About Bengt Holm:
Bengt Holm is a Data Scientist at Sogeti and has a PhD in Theoretical Physics. He has been working with Big Data and Machine learning since 2009 within areas such as media, finance, manufacturing and vehicles. He has also been an instructor in the field of AI, aiding a large number of students and professionals into the fields of data analysis, machine learning and digitalization.


Will AI take my job?

The elephant in the room from a tech person's perspective. We're never going back to a world without AI again. People in all kinds of jobs are either excited or scared of how AI will change their job. Some fear it will even take their job. And they could be right! The largest source code service on the web, GitHub, has an AI service that writes code better than many programmers do. Lars works for Elastisys, a company that essentially manages servers for others. Will it take his job? Let's find out, together!

About Lars Larsson:
Lars holds a PhD in computer science and has an extensive background in cloud computing since 2008. He has worked in both industry and academia, contributing to the cloud computing field both via open source projects via his research on cloud capacity management. He now works for Elastisys as a DevOps expert engineer and senior cloud architect. You can find and follow him on LinkedIn, where he posts about security, DevOps, and compassionate leadership. Elastisys offers Kubernetes without the hassle. Imagine a full platform as a managed service. Including logs, metrics, backups, and more. Always up to date, always secure. Fully under EU law on GDPR-ready clouds. Elastisys also does consulting, offers training, and supports its platform on-premise.


The golden age of tinkering

It's a fantastic time to be alive. The software, tools, parts, and services available for free or at a minimal cost open a world of opportunities for hobbyists and tinkerers everywhere. In this presentation, I'll showcase some of the most exciting possibilities, and highlight projects achievable in just a short span of time without breaking the bank.

The best part is that it's not just for fun: while we're diving into the thrill of creation, we're also tapping into resources that can spark solutions to some of today's biggest challenges.

About Martin Gunnarsson:
Martin Gunnarsson is closing in on twenty years in the software industry, and currently serves as Head of Development at Parkster. He is also a proud father of two, and an avid tinkerer.

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