Additude is a group of companies made up of businesses that lead the way in innovation, consultancy and headhunting. The goal of this grouping is to be the market’s and our customers’ first-choice partner for innovation processes, product development and growth.

With the ambition of being the leader of the sectors in which we are active, our services and specializations are divided into clear areas of operation. The synergies between these are unique and often decisive. Our services are provided through Additude Innovation, Additude Software, Additude Industry, Additude Client Solution, Additude Headhunting and Additude Medtech Solutions.

The overall width within our group, the complete service offerings and each unit’s special expertise combine to make Additude one of the few business partners able to deliver innovation support, strategic consultancy, organic growth and complete IoT solutions. These latter cover, amongst other things, construction, design, electronics, embedded systems and software.

The results include world-class product development, customers who grow, regions that reinforce their international competitiveness and employees who, through deep specialization and multidisciplinary projects, reach unsurpassed levels of continuous professional growth.

Over 300 customers and annual growth that, since 2009, is 5 times the industry average are clear signals. We not only take part and influence the future, we improve it too.


Additude’s vision is to be the leading growth engine for technology-intensive businesses and entire regions. We shall achieve this through a unique combination of services that together create a holistic vitality we alone can offer.

Our market is constantly developing. Consequently, businesses in the innovation, consultancy and headhunting industry need to perpetually realign their operations. By seeing possibilities, thinking along unconventional lines and constantly challenging ourselves, Additude shall be an exceedingly active force in driving this realignment.

A further part of our vision is being Sweden’s most attractive employer for Sweden’s most ambitious engineers and leaders. The passion to influence and develop our customers shall be a key driving force here.

Additionally, we are keen to create credibility by ourselves achieving growth that far exceeds the industry average.


Additude was founded in 2009. The original business idea is still intact.

Since starting in 2009, organic growth has averaged 49% a year. Over the same period, the industry average has been 9%. Additude is continuously gaining market share and currently has over 300 customers spread across several industries and sectors.

Additude’s strong growth has been partnered by extremely good profitability. As a result, our creditworthiness is 4 times the industry average. This is borne out by our AAA rating, VVV rating, UC Gold rating, gazelle company distinctions and awards at trade and industry galas.

This is what makes Additude a reliable partner and employer.


Our values follow the core values of ICT Group, which form the umbrella for all ICT Group companies. ICT Group's core values have been laid down in a practical leaflet:

At Additude, we live up to these values: 

Desire to be best

While showing constant consideration and respect, we have the ambition and desire to be best. We always want to deliver the best. We take full responsibility for supplying the highest possible quality. We have the courage to succeed and we see challenges as development opportunities.

Exceed expectations

We want to exceed our customers’, partners’ and colleagues’ expectations. We want them to be delighted. We are ambitious, committed and happy to take responsibility. We work until we have attained our objectives. We listen and comply with our customers’ wishes. At the same time, we believe in ourselves, take up positions, have views and give advice. This is so that the best solutions are supplied. We always want to deliver the best. We take full responsibility for supplying the highest possible quality.

Show consideration

Showing consideration and respect is a natural value for us. We work together and are keen to help each other succeed. We treat others as we ourselves would like to be treated. We encourage, give praise and are proud of our colleagues and the contributions of others. Job satisfaction is something we all feel and something for which we all take responsibility.

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We are passionate 'techies' who survey the entire playing field and continue to build our lead in technology and market knowledge. Sustainable business operation is an integral part of our endeavour to make the world a smarter place day by day. Want to know more? We would be delighted to meet you and see, together, how we could add more value to your business goals.

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