Our goal is to offer the most dynamic and up to date workplace for the market’s top specialists with expertise in embedded solutions, back- and front-end development, and management of software development.

We focus on individual and continuous professional development and are always striving for the best assignments for our employees’ careers and development. This is our commitment to you!

This focus results in unique specializations, and together with our other business units, the ability for a total service offering for a multidisciplinary approach. Additionally, it opens up access to projects with system and application development requirements that will challenge us, you, and our customers to make the world a little smarter every day. 

Additude Software is divided into 5 sub teams:

  • Embedded
  • Backend Java
  • Backend .Net
  • Frontend
  • Digital Leaders


Our consultants are developing new products and solutions in different industries. Products that we are involved with range from cars to cameras to door systems.
Being part of our Embedded team will give you the chance to create and maintain embedded software, firmware, and device drivers to handle the hardware.

Expertises: C, C++, low level design, RTOS, debugging, validation, bringup, security, Trustzone.

Backend Java

The Java backend team of Additude Software is highly skilled and has its focus, of course, in Java but, many of the consultants work in other languages as well. Kotlin, Node.js, Go, Scala, and Python have grown more common in recent years, and the team has incorporated these skill sets to meet those needs.

As part of the backend team, you will create solutions that deliver the security, scalability, and reliability that our customers expect. You will have the opportunity to develop solutions using industry standard frameworks such as Spring Boot or Django, or custom home-grown implementations and to follow the latest technology trends which include the microservice architecture and cloud-based deployments.
Our focus areas include, Retail, FinTech, and e-Commerce, as well as internal systems and tools.

Expertises: Java, Kotlin, Go, Node.js, AWS, GCP.

Backend .Net

The .Net Backend team of Additude Software consists of highly skilled developers with deep knowledge of the different Microsoft technologies. Cloud solutions are often used, and of course Azure is the most common for this team, but there is profound knowledge with other cloud providers such as AWS and GCP as well.

Our focus areas include, Energy, Healthcare, and e-Commerce, as well as internal systems and tools.

Expertises: C#, .Net, Microsoft framework, Blazer, Azure Cloud.


The frontend team of Additude Software are all highly ambitious web developers. React is one of the most widely used technologies and our consultants have a deep understanding here. Additionally, we have strong knowledge with other front-end technologies such as Angular and Vue.js.

As a consultant in the front-end team you will take part in the development of a wide variety of products. Our team has been involved in the development of new and modern planning tools for furniture, educational platforms, E-commerce websites and several other administrative tools for our customers.

Expertises: React, Angular, Vue.js, HTML, CSS.

Digital Leaders

Our Senior IT advisors help customers to get the most out of their IT and digitalization efforts. They form the natural link between business, technology and people. All of our Digital Leaders have a strong technical background and a vast experience in the handling of complex environments.

Combined, our leaders cover a wide range of roles and competences with experience from a variety of businesses and industries.

Expertises: Project management, Architecture, Agile, Scrum Master.

Example Assignments

Anna – Backend Java
Anna is a Java developer working with a web application that handles meetings between customers and co-workers in over 20 countries, with 10 000 users and over half a million bookings each year. In addition to improving the existing REST API of the application, she has setup a number of integrations to connect other systems, including integrating and publishing messages to Solace Event Mesh. She set up Splunk logging and alerts for the application and integrated it to the development team’s communication system to automate error and incident reporting.

Anna has been part of a taskforce within the team that migrated the Dockerized application from the internal Openshift cluster to Google Cloud Platform, creating and maintaining an application specific API gateway and integration to Cloud SQL. As a part of this journey, a new CI/CD pipeline was created using GitHub Actions and Terraform, where software analysis tools are used to automatically ensure code quality and security.

Michael - Frontend
Michael works on an assignment in a team that builds services for university students. These services allow students to take notes, read books and test their knowledge through games the team has built. The team uses modern web technologies to develop the services which suits Michael perfectly. As there are always new things to learn, there are dedicated days for self-development and learning so he can take time to explore new skills or technologies which can then be incorporated into his current assignment.

There is wide skill set within the team at the customer, and the team is committed to each other’s success. This comes from a work culture that values collaboration and support. In order to move the service forward, the team works closely with designers and product owners, where everyone has an opportunity to contribute to the future of the service.

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