As regards innovation processes, product development and growth, Additude is a market-leading group in the IT and technology sector.

The overall know-how within our group, the complete service offerings and each unit’s special expertise combine to make Additude one of the few business partners able to deliver innovation support, strategic consultancy, organic growth and complete IoT solutions. These latter cover, amongst other things, construction, design, electronics, embedded systems and software.

We attract the market’s most driven and ambitious specialists and leaders. This is thanks to strong values and the ability to undertake projects and assignments where we not only take part and influence the future, but also sometimes take the lead.

The results include world-class product development, customers who grow, regions that reinforce their international competitiveness and employees who, through deep specialization and multidisciplinary projects, reach unsurpassed levels of continuous professional growth.

Over 300 customers and annual growth that, since 2009, is 5 times the industry average are clear signals. We not only take part and influence the future, we improve it too.

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