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Publiserad den 21 oktober 2021


Finally, it’s time for Additude Tech-eve at Turning Torso again, this time the focus will be security and we have the honour to present the below subjects.

If you want to attend this event send an email to jesper.bjelvebo@additude.se ASAP.

The amount of seats is limited and we only have a few left.

When, Where and How…?

  • Time: Wednesday 27th of October, 17.00 – 21.00
  • Place: Turning Torso, 54th floor
  • RSVP: Monday 24th of October - Important! We need to know if anyone wants special diets, allergies, etc…
  • See you!


17.00 – 17.15                Introduction

17.15 – 18.00                What's in your application? Securing your code and the things around it

18.15 – 19.00                Can you capture the flag?

19.00 – 20.00                Food and mingle

20.00 – 20.45                From selfie to biometric access – a journey of technical security

20.45 – 21.00                Wrap up

What's in your application? Securing your code and the things around it.

We typically build our software and hope that it's secure enough. That software is then combined with thousands of other pieces of software from third parties and finally deployed to a server somewhere. By managing our dependencies, focusing on secure coding patterns and adding a reasonable amount of security guardrails and tooling we can reduce the risk of bad things happening. In this presentation we'll give a quick overview of modern application security practices, with an extra focus on the security of your software supply-chain.

Can you capture the flag?

CTF, which stands for Capture The flag, is a special kind of security competition. The idea is to solve a series of security challenges to get to the finish line and capture the flag. It is a legal alternative for security professionals to keep their skills sharp and ready to undertake real-life scenarios. The skills acquired and lessons learned from participating in such competitions can be applied to anything from software development with safety in mind to security analysis and penetration testing, enabling professionals to respond and prevent attacks from malicious third parties. CTFs can also be used as a recruiting tool to obtain the sharpest people. For those who want to give it a try, there are many sites out there offering a challenge. During Tech-Eve, I will present the solution and challenges posed by such a CTF. If you want, you can give it a try on your own!

From selfie to biometric access – a journey of technical security

YOUNiQ Access allows for touchless facility access using facial biometrics, replacing the need for PIN codes, access cards and physical keys. Biometric information is considered sensitive and needs to be always protected, in transit, at rest and during processing. Security is of the highest priority in a solution like YOUNiQ Access and we will look at the what, the how and the why of controls in use.