Fler Nyheter
Publiserad den 9 oktober 2018

Additude is pleased to announce that the company's strong growth continued during the third quarter. The company groups total sales YTD is now 46% higher than the same period last year.


The forecast for the full year is a turnover of 156 000 000 SEK which gives a total organic growth of 38,5%.

The reason for the strong development is a continued high demand for the group's services, increased confidence from existing clients and approximately 15 brand new clients.

This development is also part of the Additude Group's overall vision, where we in 2022 aim to be Sweden's leading growth and innovation engine, helping our customers develop products and solutions for a better tomorrow.


For more information please contact:
Sam Aston, Group CEO
Phone: 0733-77 61 60
Mail: sam.aston@additude.se