Additude Industry offers advanced product development and
industrial design services to Swedish industry.


Our starting point for this is offering the most “dynamic and developing” workplace for the market’s top specialists in mechanics and electrical/automation systems. We focus on the individual and continuous professional development. This focus results in unique specializations and, based on the Additude Group’s total service offerings, a multidisciplinary approach. It also provides access to product development and industrial design projects that challenge us, our customers and what, up until now, were considered the limits of possibility.

We are able to offer our customers not only the market’s best specialists in mechanics and electrical/automation systems, but also the expertise in our other areas of operation. In this way, we create a transdisciplinary ability to supply sustainable, all-in-one solutions which deliver results that accommodate tomorrow’s needs.

Additude Industry is part of the Additude Group. This further includes six other areas of operation. These are Additude Excellence, Additude Software, Additude Embedded, Additude Innovation, Additude Client Solution and Additude Headhunting. Since starting in 2009, the Additude Group has enjoyed organic growth that averages 45% per year. It also enjoys the confidence of, at the moment, over 300 customers. Additude drives the technology sector forwards. It does this by offering technology-intensive businesses a unique combination of strategic consultancy, technical innovation, project support, consultant services and organic growth.