Additude Headhunting builds organizations comprising the market’s most sought-after individuals


In the same way that Additude helps its customers to make the right strategic decisions and carry out successful innovation and development projects, Additude Headhunting creates future-proofing and competitive edges for its customers by expanding and developing their organizations. Reaching out to, attracting and recruiting the market’s best specialists and leaders is a major challenge for many operations. Presently, it is the single most common limit to growth.

Owing to the current shortage of leaders and specialists, a strong brand and expensive marketing communications are no longer enough to attract a sufficient number of adequately qualified professionals.

For this reason, Additude Headhunting offers specialized, proactive recruitment with the objective of creating the organization that the customer needs both today and tomorrow. Founded on 25 years of experience, our methodology is based exclusively on determining needs and then actively reaching out. We also act as consultancy service providers in the areas of growth strategies, market development and current trends.

Additude Headhunting is now one of Sweden’s foremost headhunting organizations in the technology and IT sector. To remain a partner that leads development in this sector, we are continuously developing ourselves and our operations.