Three services taking the procurement of IT and technical consultants to the next level


Over the past 15 years, behaviour and needs in respect of procuring technical consultants have greatly changed. The same is true of the market’s consultants and how they would like to work.

One facet of this development is that large-scale consultant brokering companies have become an established part of the consultancy industry. This trend will not fizzle out. Indeed, from the customer’s and the consultant’s perspectives alike, functions will be offered in an even more customer-oriented and smarter way. This is where Additude Client Solution comes into the picture.

Additude Client Solution primarily supplies 3 different services. These are: large-scale brokering services (over 30,000 engineers available) for major users of consultants; customized purchasing functions for smaller users of consultants; and, solutions that involve building dedicated consultant organizations for our customers.

Common to all 3 solutions is that they: ensure access to the market’s best, currently available expertise; reduce the overall cost of consultant procurement; and, provide a total overview.

There are several reasons why Additude is continuously gaining market share in this sector too. They include our long-term vision of being a complete, total supplier and the fact that we are not administrators but a specialized supplier of consultants with profound expertise in the areas in which we operate. To this can be added that we are taking our services to the next level and, to an even greater extent than before, basing our services on what the market’s procurers of consultants really need.

For further details of these services, please contact Jim Roslund via +46 (0)701 499310 or

Additude Client Solution is part of the Additude Group. This further includes six other areas of operation. These are Additude Innovation, Additude Software, Additude Embedded, Additude Industry, Additude Excellence and Additude Headhunting. Since starting in 2009, the Additude Group has enjoyed organic growth that averages 45% per year. It also enjoys the confidence of, at the moment, over 300 customers. Additude drives the technology sector forwards. It does this by offering technology-intensive businesses a unique combination of strategic consultancy, technical innovation, project support, consultant services and organic growth.