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If Technology doesn’t fix the problem … we need more technology!

Reflection Friday :: Footprint Drawings

I have done PCBs for 35+ years. During all of these years there have been a clear misunderstanding between writers of datasheet and readers on how to draw recommended footprints.


Galaxians and yesterdays graphics

In a previous blog I promised more details on yesterdays graphics. Here is walkthrough of Galaxians.


Smartglass ... again

At Electronica Toppan, a Japanese manufacturer, showcased a different variant on liquid crystal film. This one is called PNLC by the manufacturer. This one is transparent in the off-state.


Altium Designer 19

About this time each year since early 2000, Altium has released or handed us a sneak peek of a new major version of the schematic and PCB layout tool. It is that time again, and is it any good?


Galaxians and yesterdays graphics

In a previous blog I promised more details on yesterdays graphics. Here is walkthrough of Galaxians.


Smartglass - the modern window

Smartglass has been around for more than 20 years, but still has not entered our homes. Why? A lot of other technology has more quickly caught on.


The really low cost MCUs

As a follow-up on the "MCU for a trivial task? Overkill?" I have a short note on some really really low cost Chinese MCU's


Reboot saves the day ... or?

We have all gotten the following support answer to a IT problem ... - Please reboot the system. Is that all it takes to fix a gyroscope on a space-telescope as the tabloids wrote last week?


Firmware Update over the Vacuum

Almost all modern consumer electronics nowadays have the ability to update it's firmware. It is also some of the tricker parts to implement. But we shouldn't complain. It can be really tough ...


MCU for a trivial task? Overkill?

MCUs ae today so cheap that it is almost ridiculous. Even for trivial tasks it is cheaper to add a MCU with the same power as yesterdays mainframe.


Arcadia :: A Project with Rules

Last month I mentioned a project for us at Additude. To recreate a classic arcade game using modern technology. Here are the rules ...


PoE - Power over Ethernet

With the birth of Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+, PoE comes to the Raspberry community. Well sort of ... the PoE controller is not really built-in, but more enabled. Maybe we should check that out ...


Boy ... to be 12 again ...

We live in some very exiting times, atlets as a die-hard engineer. As a young engineer there is limitless possibilities. Boy ... to be 12 again ...


40 Years since Space Invaders

This year it is 40 years ago since Taitio released Space Invaders. A classic Arcade game that marked a new eara in gaming. It grossed a total of $2 billion in quarters and 360 000 machines installed.


Smallest, ridiculously smallest, ludicrous smallest, …

A look at the current state of small passives