Nine reasons to work at Additude

Our service range is built for us to be the customers' first choice, but the company is built to be the market's best and most attractive employer.


Being an attractive and strongly committed employer is one of the things we see as most important and which permeates all decisions and choices we face. Over time, we have worked out the 9 most important factors for being the leader or specialist both wanting to take the step to Additude and then thrive and develop over time. We work these 9 factors daily to live up to and strengthen even more.


1. Belong to an innovative and entrepreneurial business that grows and takes market share

Additude is a privately owned business where all owners since day 1 are operational in the business. Participation is high and decision paths are both short and fast. We want dedicated colleagues who want to participate and influence the company's future and help us to continue to grow 5 times faster than the market.


2. Belong to a safe and long-term business

Additude basically has the highest credit rating from all credit institutions. We are also rewarded regularly with awards such as DI Gasell and nominations for business gala. Our business concept is intact since the start and will not change, only refined.


3. Skills development through a leading sales organization

Together, the Additudes sales organization has over 100 years of experience in service and project sales in technology and the IT sector. We have been engaged by over 300 clients since the start in 2009, which means that we can offer projects and access to assignments where we are not only involved and affecting the future, we are involved and lead it. The result is world-class product development, clients who grow and employees who, through the combination of deep specialization and multidisciplinary projects, reach an unrivaled competence development.


4. High commitment and high presence from the nearest manager

Additude does not hire consultants, we allow our clients to assimilate the expertise, ability and personal characteristics of our specialized employees. This is an important approach we have always pursued. Our section managers have a clear limitation on how many consultants one may have in their grouping. This is because we always have to achieve very high availability for the immediate manager and for every employee to always be seen, heard and prioritized. Personal development and competence development based on the individual's long-term ambitions is a guiding principle in much of what we do.


5. Belong to a business where everyone has great influence and strong cohesion - good colleagues

Regardless of which assignments or projects an employee is currently working on, we ensure that we as a group and colleagues always meet. We believe that cohesion and affiliation with their colleagues are crucial both for thriving and for the development of both individual and company. Since the level of our employees is so high, it is often in the closest colleague to find the best competence development. From a company perspective, we also want all employees, based on the experience and expertise they possess, to participate in and influence the company's future strategy.


6. Belong to a valued business

We live by our values. Therefore, we have never had to change them either. Living by our values ​​is something we take very seriously and something we use as a guiding principle in all decisions and meetings with other people. Our values ​​are based on 3 cornerstones. Want to be the best, exceed expectations and show consideration. 


7. Belong to a business with safe and good remuneration models

Fixed safe pay, variable components, working conditions according to collective agreements are factors we see as a matter of course. Healthcare benefits, pension and insurance advice, the opportunity for health insurance, exemption from payments, family pension, liability and travel insurance and competence development are just some of the things that create a safe foundation for our employees.


8. Belong to a specialist business that has high reputation

As an employee at Additude, you should be proud to represent the brand and what it stands for. Both based on our position in the market, our reputation and the added value we create for our clients. You should also feel pride in and over your colleagues based on their competence and which people it is. Working on should be merit and be a certificate of how good you are in your profession


9. Belong to a specialized unit but be part of something much larger

All of Additude's business areas are specialized and highly positioned within their area of expertise. At the same time, it is the combined knowledge, synergy and collaboration between the business areas that creates a unique development for both our clients and employees. Additude's various business areas are today Additude Innovation, Additude Embedded, Additude Excellence, Additude Software, Additude Industry, Additude Client Solution and Additude Headhunting.