Four reasons to switch jobs via Additude

The safest and most successful way for leaders and specialists in technology and IT sector to change employers

To change employers for most people from many perspectives is a big step to take. Behind is often also a long-term reflection on whether to really move and, if so, to which employer and what type of role.

More and more managers and specialists in technology and the IT sector choose to change employers via Additude Headhunting. Based on 25 years of experience with Headhuntning and our industry-specific specialization, we offer a safe and confidential process with more options and opportunities than ever before.

We also act as advisors and career coaches to you who are considering new challenges regarding what opportunities you have and how you should act to achieve your long-term career goal.



4 reasons to change jobs via Additude


1. Our customer base, network and insight into the industry

Additude currently has confidence from over 300 clients in technology and the IT sector, including both the market's large companies, medium-sized companies and startup companies. Our network provides us with an incredibly strong foundation for mapping and finding the environment and the role you want to work within.


2. Security and confidentiality

We have a long history of handling extremely confidential processes. You as a candidate never have to be worried or feel limited from the perspective that it would become generally known that you are thinking about what other employers have to offer.


3. Advice

If you are looking for a role where the market really requires more experience, would you be able to take more responsibility than what you have today? you will eventually get your dream job? All these are issues where we as advisors help you set up a strategy and get in touch with the right businesses.


4. Trust from the market

Additude Headhunting has confidence and also acts as an advisor to our clients. This means that our recommendations on which individuals to integrate into their business have a value in themselves. If you are a person with the right values, solid competence / ability and the right ambition, we will help you stand out.