Smartglass ... again

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If Technology doesn’t fix the problem … we need more technology!

A few weeks ago I wrote a story about different technologies about smart glass or windows. That can be viewed here.

This week it is Electronica 2018 in Münich, Germany. Whether it comes to PCBs, semiconductors, sensors, connectors or displays: electronica is the best place to find out first which components, systems and applications are made possible by the latest developments. You can see the entire world of electronics here.

One of the exhibitors, Toppan from Tokyo, showcased another variant of liquid crystal film. The manufacturer Toppan calls it PNLC (Polymer Network Liquid Crystal)

This one had 4 major features, compared to all the other I have seen.

  • Haze, was very low in the off-state.
  • Low power and low voltage. 60V AC was the maximum voltage needed.
  • Not only on/off, but very nice "dimming" of the haze.
  • And the real nice feature. It was transparent or off-state with no voltage applied. Inverted compared to all other.

I am awaiting complete data sheets and samples.

Below a short movie I made. This time without all the flickering.