Additudes policy for processing personal data, English version


Additude AB 556806–8489 with its subsidiaries uses the personal information and the information that you voluntarily leave when you register and in further contact with us in sales, delivery and recruting purposes. Personal information may be shared with Additude AB’s clients in the purpose of delivery and recruiting. Personal information may also be shared with other parties if this is required by law, regulation or by court or authority decision, legal requirements or an ongoing judiciel process. The personal information that is processed is name, phone number, e-mail address, address, birth data as well as information that together or on its own constitutes as personal information.

We process your personal information only to administer sales, recruiting and marketing purposes. Personal information is stored up to Three (3) years after given consent.

Your consent according to this policy for personal information applies until you retract your consent or deregister your account. When the consent expires the personal information will be deleted permanently, unless there follows by law, regulation or by court or authority decision, legal requirements or an ongoing judicial process whereby Additude AB may store the information longer than is stated in this policy for personal information. Once a year you have the right to free of charge get an excerpt of the information stored about you, as well as have the information corrected or deleted. This can be requested by e-mail:

All handling of personal information is done in accordance to the Swedish Data Protection Act (PUL), until it is replaced by the EU´s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and equivalent Swedish legislation, as well as recommendations given by the Swedish Data Protection Authority. You can read more about these regulations on the Swedish Data Protection Authority´s web page. 

If you have complaints regarding our handling of personal information you should turn to the Swedish Data Protection Authority who is the responsible regulators of privacy policy. For other questions regarding the privacy policy at Additude AB please send an e-mail to